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Pilgrym Fan Feedback
As the debut album Pilgrimage circulates amongst prog fans in the UK and worldwide, we'll be featuring feedback via letters and emails.

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  Rod Davey - Canada

Hi Andy/Tony:
Thought I'd let you both know that I got your cd today from Progwalhalla. I've even managed to listen to it. It's great! I can see why this cd has been rated so high by prog enthusiasts. Some of my favourite tunes are: Believe Me Now, Building a Perfect Universe Pt2, Song of The Albatross & Reborn. While I only list 4 songs, I actually love the whole album.

Keep up the great work, and I'll be looking out for your next cd. Thanks for everything.


Jul 05

  Alberto Nucci - Italy


I would like to inform you that we published a review of Pilgrimage in our webzine: www.arlequins.it

By the way, I went crazy looking at the artwork of your next album... really stunning! When will it be available (the album, I mean :-)?

Kind Regards

Jul 05

  Dave Callighan - UK

Hi Andy.

The Pilgrym cd is absolutly fantastic. It hasnt been out of my CD player since friday. It was different what i was expecting. So i was surpised but in the best way.

Circus of the Absurd is a great opener for the Album. Great Lyrics. The beat is really good too. Ghost of Years is one of my favourites.I love the lyrics, especially the lines "looking back at all the places youve seen, like the mirage at the end of a dream". Great music aswell.

My other favourites are Song of the Albatross, Black sun and Reborn.

Definatly a 10 out of 10. The best album ive heard in a long time.

Hope you play some UK Dates on your tour.

See ya soon.

  Sweden Calling


I have just purchased Pilgimage and I must tell you that it is really great stuff!!!

Please keep it comming!

Cheers - Bjorn


  Art Rock - Poland

Dear Tony

First of all I would like to thank you for sending your wonderful album to me some time ago.

It's just a very quick note accompanying the recent edition of Metal Hammer magazine. It's the September issue with the review of your excellent CD Pilgrimage, written by yours truly.

Thank you very much indeed for sending out your music to me. I was very happy to review your music in Metal Hammer as well as play some tracks on my radio show called MLWZ (Maly Leksykon Zespolow = Small Lexicon of the Great Bands) which is broadcast every Wednesday night between 8 and 10pm on the local FM station Radio Alfa Krakow 102.4FM.

Be sure I will keep up playing your stuff in the future! Please visit the website of my show www.mlys.prv.pl

Except for the current and the previous play lists (link Archive from the menu) you can listen to my previous shows in mp3 format (link Audio).

Best regards,

Artur Chachlowski
Art-Rock, Poland

Nov 05

  Oz Prog Fan

Hello Andy

I have received the cd and given it a few listens. I would like to congratulate you on the very impressive material. I have been a collector for approximately 35 years (originally moving to Tasmania with my family from Leeds back in the 60's) with a leaning towards what I class as symphonic rock. I have, with thanks to artists like yourself, been able to see this style in the 70,s and now being able to listen to a vast array of new material from around the world over the last 10 years. Pilgrym, I am happy to say, will be held high in my collection.

Thanks for the quick service and especially the music.

Regards Andrew Rowbottom, Tasmania, Australia.