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Pilgrym's debut album, Pilgrimage, has been released in 2011 on a number of digital platforms by Tony's new record label, From The Ashes

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PHONE: +46 (0)40 466644
FAX: +46(0)40466647


Lee Gaskins is a commercial and media artist. He created all of the original Pilgrym artwork. Visit Lee's website for more. Great stuff, Lee!
  Thanks to Ashley at Seagull Designs for revamping and hosting the website
  Thanks to Bob Irwin of Words and Pixels for designing the original Pilgrym website.
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Holy Ground Records is a UK progessive rock record label based in Wakefield. They've just released Andy's solo classical album Lost Toys, as well as the compilation JOINT featuring tracks from Pilgrym and Andy Wells.

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Tony Drake is currently putting together his own website - featuring the great art work of Lee Gaskins. Check it out.

Ol Drake's new metal band is getting great reviews as a live act. Check out their website, download some tracks and get out and see 'em live.
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  Mike Rutherford Genesis guitarist. Andy worked with Mike as co-writer on tracks in the 80's.
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