Pilgrym - Progressive Rock

  Introducing Pilgrym

Andy Wells

Keyboards, Guitars and Vocals

Hammond B3 with custom 220w Leslie
Wurlitzer EP 200A Electric piano
Mellotron Mk 400 [strings/male choir/brass]
Emu- emulator 2
Roland super JX 10, Polysynth
Roland JX 3P, Polysynth
Yamaha SY22 vector synthesizer
E-mu Vintage keys
Moog model D
8 Channel Fostex stellar mixer with DE-1 stereo digital multi FX
Laney 50w Pro Linebacker Custom Combo
Boss ME-30 Digital Multi FX pedals
1979 Custom Strat with custom single coil pickups
Keyboard amplification, 200w Crown stereo amp with Synergy full range 500w cabinets.

Lead and backing vocals


Tony Drake

Guitars and Vocals
Gibson Flying V, Ibanez Prestige and Fender Telecaster electric guitars

Marshall DSL2000 Heads x 2
Marshall 1960 Lead Cabs x 4

Boss DS-1 Distortion. DD3 Delay
Ernie Balls Super Slinky Strings
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal
Senn Heiser 100 Wireless System
Ozark Electro Classical and Takemine acoustic guitars.Tama Rockstar Double Kit
Toca congas

Lead and backing vocals



Bass and Acoustic Guitar
Samik bass
Squire Precision bass
C arlsbro 200w 2x15 bass reflex cabinet
Studio Master power amp with Symetrix pre amp compressor limiter
Takamine acoustic guitar
Ibanez semi-acoustic guitar

Lead and backing vocals



Kev Mulvihill

Drums and Percussion
Mapex Orion drum kit
Bass: 22x18
Toms: 8x8, 10x10, 12x10, 14x12
Snare: Black Panther Brass 14x6-1/2

Zildjian: 22" K Custom Ride
Sabian: 18" Evolution Crash, 16" Evolution Crash, 10" Evolution Splash, 14" Evolution Hi-hats

Yamaha Direct Drive Double.
Drum Workshop Hi-Ha

Vater Shedder
Zildjian Vinnie Colutta

Remo Fabric Skin 3: 8", 10", 12", 14"
22" Fibre Skin 3 Powerstroke 3
14" Snare Evans St Dry

    Additional Pilgrym Recording Personnel

Jools Slater

Flute, Saxophones and Keyboards
Vintage Selmer Gold Seal silver head concert flute Hernals concert flute with custom silver head and gold lip plate

Parrot silver plate alto flute

Set of four Moeck recorders

LA Sax custom built soprano "metallic aqua" (Otto Link mouthpiece)

Vintage King Super 20 vintage tenor, (Otto Link and Dukof Hollywood custom Mouthpieces)

Vintage Martin Committee alto (Freddy Gregory customised Brillhart mouthpiece)

Vintage Grafton white acrylic alto (Runyon mouthpiece) Yamaha "WX11" Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI)

Yamaha PS 6100 / Yamaha PSR 75 / Casio SK1 analogue sampler (8-bit PCM Rate: 9.38kHx Time)

Hammond L100 and Leslie.

Modules, Effects and Microphones
Yamaha EMT10 Sound Expander / Yamaha "WT11"/ DOD FX 40B equalizer / Zoom 505 II digital effects unit / Alesis "Microverb" digital reverb module / Peavy vocal / Sennheiser vocal / JTS NX7 instrument mic / Sony system electret sax clip mic / Barcus Berry flute pick-ups and FM wireless relay / Starsound Dynamix 260, 6 channel mixing desk / RS, four channel stereo mic mixer / Leem PM401R 100W mixer PA / Carlsbro EM10 100W (powered) monitor wedges / Orange "15R" reverb guitar amp